Wetlands Safety Guidelines

Please pay attention to some simple safety issues when visiting or conducting research at the wetlands.

  • use PPE that includes long pants and sleeves when walking through vegetation and eye glasses or safety glasses
  • wear appropriate footwear in terrestrial environments around wetland, including sturdy boots with ankle support if walking and/or working on uneven terrain
  • while hiking, carry bulky equipment in a sturdy backpack attached to shoulders and waist
  • be aware of poisonous plants (this means being able to identify and teach others)
  • be aware of snakes (this means being able to identify and teach others)
  • be aware of biting/stinging insects (especially chiggers and wasp/hornet nests)
  • if walking in or near water, wear appropriate footwear, including boots that prevent slipping in mud and waders.
  • be aware of rising water, e.g,, from the release of dams
  • never walk without free hands
  • use a walking stick if unsure of balance
  • watch out for “widow makers” in the forest (low handing big branches that can impale)
  • if you are alone, someone should know where you are at all times (i.e., someone should know when you are heading out and when you return)
  • always have a phone with service
  • know the UNCG police number 336-334-4444